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Since the dawn of time, humans have sought to relieve themselves in as dignified manner as possible.  Fortunately, thanks to Mr. Crapper, and the invention of lockable doors, visiting the toilet is now a private affair.  

The problem arrises when you are finished, and need to vacate the sanctuary of the restroom or water closet.  It is not enjoyed by many, to leave a token reminder of your experience in aromatic form for the next toilet visitor, and as such, air freshener is frequently used to help with this embarrassing matter.

Air Freshener only helps so much, as generally what happens is you realise you have cooked up a foul stink, and reach for the trusty aerosol, give it a prolonged blast and Hey Presto! - the smell is gone... or has it...  Infact what has happened is the air now smells of Cherry Blossom plus Fecal Matter - something that is obvious to the next person who walks in, who is, by the way, waiting outside the door impatiently for you to finish.

So along came the "Before You Go" Toilet Fresheners.   

These are designed to combat the smell before it gets a chance to get up into the air.   These works by creating a layer of oil on the water surface, which prevents the diffusion effect once the water is fouled.  The essential oils used can vary, but the best result comes from using essential oils that are very powerful and potent aromas themselves.  

OH-DEAR! After Toilet

The F-JAS spin on the before you go toilet freshener has a simple aim - to try and completely block the smells associated with toilet visitation.  To do this, we decided to take inspiration from science.  

The human senses are very good at highlighting danger, and as such there are certain smells that are hard for us to ignore.  Toilet Smells, Decaying Flesh, Rotten Food, Bad Milk, & Chemicals are all smells which we all can smell fairly equally, and most importantly, the science is that these smells take precedence over nicer, non-threatening smells.  So we decided to fight fire with fire.

Citronella - A smell we register as "Bad"

Citronella, is a natural extract from the Lemongrass species, and is highly potent.  Most notable for its insect-repelling properties, it does find place in a variety of natural products.  Citronella is actually very safe, despite some alarmist information on the internet written by people who have never looked at the SDS.  It has a very strong grassy / citrus smell and is incredibly good at blocking bad smells, because it gets registered as a "bad" smell by our senses.  Because it is so potent, it can very easily completely block out other worse smells.  As Citronella is not the nicest smell in the world, we also add Lavender, Eucalyptus, Ginger and Lemon into the mix as well, which softens the fragrance experienced, without sacrificing its performance.

To use the product, you simply spray the water, before you sit down.  Anything that fouls the water, has its associated odours trapped beneath the waves, and when you are done, the flush fills the air with the smell of the product, leaving the lavatory far more pleasant than would otherwise be the case.

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