Fragranced and Scented Screen wash - Why, what's the point?

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Why fragrance windscreen washer fluid?

Over the last few years, since we first introduced fragranced screen wash, it’s now become the industry standard.  But the reason why F-JAS fragrance our screen wash and why other manufacturers do is completely different.  

The reason why most manufactures will add a fragrance to their screen wash is simple, it’s to hide the smell of the cleaning agents.  In almost all forms of screen wash you will find two critical ingredients, surfactants which do the cleaning and antifreeze to prevent it from freezing in cold conditions.  The cheaper versions of these have more impurities in them, often the antifreeze can be reclaimed or recycled from the petrochemical industry which can have trace amounts of toluene, xylene or other aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  So in an effort to reduce the cost of the final product and make it more affordable to more people they wind up with a solution which can smell pretty sickly, the simple solution to this is to add fragrance compounds to the mixture to hide the smell. 

F-JAS works differently, we don’t use recycled solvents and we use cosmetic grade surfactants.  This means that our screen wash is almost odourless apart from the faint odour of the bug remover in its natural form.  We did this because the fragrances are our thing, we have a range of hundreds of smells and we created a windscreen washer fluid that doesn’t alter the smell, so you can enjoy the fragrances at their very best.

 “You can’t smell it when you’re in the car!” is the response I often get when I tell people we make scented screen wash.  If you have the windows up and the climate control on recirculate then you will struggle to smell it but the smell of our screen wash is stronger than most and it will make you want to put your windows down if you have the warm cookies fragrance in your washer bottle.  And people do love the smells, I have talked with customers who have kids or grandkids that love the smells.  One girl I knew, said it was like a perfume for your car which made me chuckle.  Personally, I find the fragrance useful for getting rid of bad smells when you’re following a bin lorry or driving past a farm, a quick blast on the window and it wipes away the smell.  At the moment, I’m using a screen wash with lavender and bergamot essential oils instead of the normal fragrance oils, this has turned it into an aromatherapy screen wash, now, whenever I feel the road rage taking hold, I wash the windscreen and enjoy the natural calming effects of the oils.  And trust me… I need all the help I can get.

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