Hanging Bottle Car Freshener

17 Colours. 240+ Fragrances. Refillable.  The Hanging Bottle Car Freshener from F-JAS is one of the best ways to enjoy fragrance in your car. Attaching to the rear view mirror, the glass bottle contains a blend of Fragrance and Isopropyl Alcohol/Ethanol Denat mixture (non-alcohol versions are available if required for religious reasons), which evaporates over 2-4 weeks taking the fragrance with it. Once the bottle is empty, it can be easily refilled. The large number of colours can be colour-matched to your car or simply be your favourite colour, and the massive range of scents available range from the familiar to the weird.

Refill 30ml Refill bottles gives 6 refills for each hanging bottle. Supplied with an easy to use dropper top.

How to Refill Refill Bottle is supplied with a standard cap with foil seal to prevent leakage during transit. Simply remove the cap, pierce the foil seal, and fit the supplied dropper top to the bottle.  Twist wooden top anti-clockwise from hanging bottle Squeeze liquid into hanging bottle until level is just below neck of bottle. Replace wooden top onto hanging bottle - be careful not to over-tighten or glass could crack.

Agitation Ball Features a stainless steel ball bearing which moves around during driving, which agitates the liquid, helping to release more fragrance. The harder you drive, the strong the scent!

Sealed Wooden Vent Top Unlike some similar products where the wooden top can be prone to cracking from the fragrance penetrating it over time, the wooden tops are treated with a high quality wood sealer to ensure the longest product life possible. The wooden top contains two small vent holes to allow the fragrance to gentle evaporate.  Fragrance Boost: Invert the hanging bottle quickly and then return it to normal position for a quick blast of fragrance. Be sure not to invert the bottle long enough for liquid to spill out through the vent holes. The liquid can damage/discolour fabrics.

Brushed Aluminium Logo Brushed aluminium F-JAS branded logo

Quality Strings Durable, anti-fray snow boot laces provided the ultimate strings for the F-JAS Hanging Bottles. They do not fray over time, and provide a secure mounting of the bottle even during spirited driving.