Hot Ice is a premium vehicle windscreen de-icer which melts ice rapidly with an exothermic reaction. This means you need to use a lot less de-icer than with conventional de-icers which work by raising the freezing point of water which is slow and needs a lot of liquid. Hot Ice quickly melts typical coatings of ice and frost with ease in just a couple of sprays.

No more stockpiling giant canisters! Typical propellant-powered typical de-icers, seem cheap to buy but come with a catch - they don't work very well and need to be half-emptied to tackle anything more than a light frost. Hot Ice inversely may seem quite pricey, but consider that with careful usage (it's easy to use too much), most customers find one or two bottles will last them all winter long.

No More Cold Fingers The problem with those de-icer canisters is that its freezing outside when you need to use them, and annoyingly they make your fingers numb with near frost-bite when you use them. This is because of the propellant used, something which Hot Ice does not require. Hot Ice contains 100% de-icer, with no wasteful propellant at all.

Saves Valuable Time on Cold Mornings Customers often tell us that Hot Ice has changed their lives!  It's hard to imagine how simply saving someone some time on a cold morning, saving their fingers from going numb and giving them an easier experience de-icing the car can make such a difference, but time and again we hear about this. Whether you want to spend the extra time in bed, having a larger brew, or getting to work earlier to impress the boss, it's up to you!

HOT ICE is a registered trademark of F-JAS LTD