Intercooler Sprayer Solution

What is an Intercooler Water Spray? An intercooler water spray system helps to increase power and prevent heat-soak on intercoolers on turbo charged cars. An Intercooler is a device which takes hot compressed air from the turbocharger and allows heat to be removed via airflow. A colder "charge" results in more power, so removal of heat is very important.  Typically, water alone is used for this feature, however a 10% mix with F-JAS Intercooler Sprayer Fluid helps the fluid remove heat faster and more efficiently than water alone, due to the lower boiling point of the mixture.2019-03-22-at-12.32.14.png
Heat Soak is a problem for Subaru STI vehicles whereby the heat of the engine affects the performance of the intercooler sat on top of it. Intercooler Sprayer Fluid can help with this problem.  DO NOT USE NEAT. Usage 10% Dilution in Water Maximum - Usage at higher levels will result in fire risk.
ntercooler Spray Fluid Benefits More Power Colder Charge Keeps system clean Compatible with all systems Safe at Recommended Dilution Custom Installations Intercooler water spray systems can be installed onto any turbo-charge vehicle with an intercooler. Once this installation is complete, use F-JAS Intercooler Sprayer Fluid to gain extra power from your intercooler water sprayer.
Dynograph Testing of Intercooler Sprayer Fluid The dynograph above shows the gains associated with intercooler sprayer fluid. It's not a massive, world-changing amount (Expect around 4-5 BHP), but every little helps, and its easy to achieve and can be further enhanced with other supporting modifications.