Rain Repellent

Rain Repellent Beads water increasing visibility during rain Ultra-Low friction surface allows beads of water to removed by wind resistance during driving, further increasing driving safety during heavy rain Improves wiper life-span due to less wear and less need for usage on high settings. Gives Star Wars Light Speed Effect in Heavy Rain During Acceleration.

Untreated - The water produces a hazy covering on the glass that requires windscreen wipers to remove before safe visibility is acquired.  Treated - The water forms little beads, between which the driver can see perfectly clear. Beads of water will remove themselves under acceleration or speed or can be wiped away with the lowest windscreen wiper setting, which leads to longer-lasting wiper blades.

The Star Wars Light-Speed Effect One fun aspect of rain repellent is the way rain runs up and off your windscreen the faster you go. Most drivers like to pretend they are in the Millennium Falcon going to light speed. all you need is a passenger to do a Chewy impression and your good to go.

How its Made Rain Repellent is a combination of silicone polydimethylsiloxanes. Our key extra ingredient is called Tetraethylorthasilicatechlorotrimethylsilane Hydrolysis Products, which is a super low friction substance create in the F-JAS laboratory.  How it Works Rain Repellent creates an ultra-low friction surface on glass. This in turn means that water is not able to stick and spread out on glass as it typically does, giving a hazy effect. Instead the water forms little beads which are easily removed by air resistance alone, giving the star wars effect!