Scented Oil for Air Con Filter Fragrance

A selection of scented oils that can be used to add fragrance to your car's air con filter as shown in the popular youtube video

Thanks to Forensic Detailing Channel on Youtube.

You can also use these oils to re-fragrance card air fresheners, or recharge scent tubs such as California Scents.  

WARNING: Fragrance Oil, due to its high strength can damage surfaces, especially plastics - you must be careful to take steps to ensure no drips of fragrance oil end up on any surfaces.  We will not be held responsible for any damage caused due to spills and drips of fragrance oil.
Fragrance Notes:
New Car - Our most popular car fragrance, and a very complex scent made from a large number of aromatics (similar to fine fragrance), it is not intended to smell like a new car despite the name (its what everyone searches for so maybe thats how you found this listing).  It is a clean, easy to live with, fresh scent.  Its the new car smell we get least complaints about, which is why its our default "New Car" scent.
Type B - This version has a stronger smell of the types of chemical smells you may get in a new car, with a slightly minty background that evokes thoughts of new plastics and curing resins.
Type C - This is a scent that is based on the smell of fresh clean fabrics and carpets, with subtle accents of glues, resins and a hint of expensive men's aftershave (it seems to work!)
Leather & Espresso - What can we say, some people like this scent and find it a very interesting car smell.  A combination of leather smells and coffee!
Leather & Vanilla - Our second most popular new car scent, with leather, and sandlwood and vanilla, giving a very unique and luxurious scent perfect for more expensive cars.
Factory Fresh - This is actually a replica of the smell of a popular leather conditioner brand beginning with "Z" and rhyming with "Maino".  We had been asked a lot for this scent so here it is.
Italian Leather - A darker, deeper leather scent that is heavy with base notes of luxurious leather, being quite different to Factory Fresh, and more reminiscent of expensive Italian leathers.
Sandalwood & Plywood - A combination of sandalwood and plywood scents gives a smell that is very luxurious, clean and interesting.  Best used in cars with a lot fo faux wood or real wood accents.
Razor Ice - We are not allowed to say what this smells of because we always get sued.  So, it smells like a men's aftershave type scent that a lot of people like to have in their car, maybe on hanging air fresheners, maybe not - who can really say in these confusing times...