Super Scented Screenwash

 A selection of our best-selling screenwash.

F-JAS Screenwash is the ORIGINAL scented screenwash that all the big names now copy.  Unfortunately, they only ever offer the same 6 scents - They stick to Berry, Cherry, Bubblegum, Apple and Orange usually.  We do over 170 different fragrances and over 30 natural scents, all adding to a premium formula that was designed by ourselves to be better than anything else we could buy, to first and foremost, use ourself on our own cars.  This is our guarantee of quality.

  • Over 170 fragrances to choose from or over 30 natural scents
  • Rain Repellent (can be made without if required)
  • Made with virgin chemicals (no re-purposed waste stuff = no bad smell)
  • Strong scent on washer usage
  • Anti-Freeze up to -20C
  • Bug Remover
  • Anti-Streak
  • Anti-Smear
  • Wiper Noise Reduction 
  • Money back guarantee.   We are so sure you'll love our screenwash, we will give you your money back if you don't like how it performs.