Super Strength Screen Wash


  • Electric Bubblegum Scent
  • Makes up to 20L Dilute with Water.
  • Use Neat for Best Performance
  • IPA: Made with expensive Isopropyl Alcohol (typical screenwash is methanol or ethylene glycol which don't clean anywhere near as well)
  • Exceptional Cleaning Power Unique to This Product and Fragrance.
  • Because it works so well, you only use a tiny squirt at a time, so its lasts ages. With this in mind, the price is quite good value considering how much of the cheap stuff you can use on stubborn deposits.
  • The Bubblegum-Lime scent is a natural smell of the limonene cleaning agent which makes this screen wash so effective.

F-JAS Super Strength Screen Wash is the original screen wash developed by Farrell-Jones Automotive Solutions LTD (now F-JAS LTD).  It was designed for one purpose only - To be the best Screenwash available.

The high power cleaning agents in the screenwash are from natural sources, and they have a bubblegum-lime fragrance which we call "Electric Bubblegum".  These cleaning agents are so powerful that often the windscreen can seem to disappear as its so clean.. Typical screenwash is made from methanol or ethylene glycol because they are cheap and provide excellent anti-freeze performance.  These two solvents do not clean very well, so usually its surfactants (soap) that are added to screenwash that does the job of cleaning.  There is a better way though - Isopropyl Alcohol functions as anti-freeze, is not harmful, and cleans to perfection.  IPA as it is known, is often used to clean delicate electronics and for spotless cleaning in a technical environment.

F-JAS Super Scented Screen Wash is a premium windscreen washer fluid product designed to perform to our own high expectations. Originally developed to be better for our own in-house use as an Automotive Tuner than any existing screen wash product on the market, and developed into a world-leading range comprising the convenience of Readymixes, economy of Concentrates or the sheer value for money of our Super Concentrates which contain absolutely no water, all with exceptional performance and available in over 230 synthetic or 50+ natural fragrances.


Winter Protection

F-JAS Super Scented Screen Wash is free from harmful Ethylene Glycol which is known to poison animals due to its sweet taste. Our anti-freeze is alcohol-based and offers anti-freeze protection ranging from -11C to -20C depending on dilution. 


Superior Road Salt-Spray Removal

F-JAS Super Scented Screen Wash is made with 6-times filtered de-ionsed water, instead of typically used water "aqua". This is important in the performance of the screen wash because one of the biggest problems during winter driving is salt-spray which can cloud the windscreen and you can end up using loads of screen wash just to wash it away constantly.

With our screen wash, the de-ionised water cleans away salt-spray many times more effectively than water alone with no deionisation or demineralisation.

WHY? Here's Why!

De-ionised water has had all of its salts, ions and minerals removed, so it is chemically "hungry" to reaquire salts such as salt-spray. When you give one small squirt of this screen wash, the deionised water quickly chemically reacts with the salts on the glass, absorbing them instantly and clearing them away with one wipe - leaving the screen wash to stick to what it is best at - cleaning grime.


Bug & Tar Removal

Formulated with premium bug & tar removal agents and maintains optimum pH for effectively cleaning. Safe for vehicle paint, rubber, silicone, glass, plastics and stainless steel trim.

Amazing Fragrances & Useful Sizes




The most complete screen wash
  • Over 230 fragrances & 50 Natural or Odourless
  • Anti-Freeze to -20C
  • No Chemicals Smells
  • Only small amount needed compared to other screen wash
  • Wiper Noise Reduction
  • Rain Repellent Option
  • Bug Removal
  • Contains Bitrex to help prevent accidental ingestion by Children and Animals.
  • Salt-Spray Removal (Readymix & Concentrated Only)
  • Prevents freezing fog
  • Freshens car inside and out - kids love it!

Useful Sizes for Any Purpose 

  • Readymix is ready to use, simply pour in and enjoy
  • Concentrated is 4 times stronger than readymix and can ether be used neat for -20C winter protection and stronger scent or it can be diluted with water to make up to 20L.
  • Super Concentrate is unique to F-JAS and contains absolutely no water in the formula.

Please Note: To benefit from superior salt removal readymix or concentrated products should be used, or dilute Super Concentrates with De-Ionised water instead of tap water.




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