Valeting Car Freshener (5L)

Professional Silicone-Encapsulated Fragrance, Anti-Bacterial Sanitation & Odour Eliminator with Fabric & Carpet Conditioner available in our entire range of synthetic fragrances.

Powerful Car Freshener For Valeter's and Clean Car Enthusiasts With its combined odour eliminator, anti-bacterial and strong fragrance, Valeting Car Freshener from F-JAS is the perfect choice for valeting businesses or vehicle owners that demand effective odour elimination, sanitation and long-lasting fragrance.

Silicone-Encapsulated The Fragrance, Odour Eliminator and Anti-Bacterial agents are silicone-encapsulated which enhances their durability and active lifespan.  Longest Lasting Fragrance Protective Barrier Fabric Softener for Carpets and Upholstery