Our Story

Farrell-Jones Aromatic Solutions Ltd was founded by Dan Farrell-Jones under the original name "Farrell-Jones Automotive Solutions", which was used until March 22nd 2016 before being changed to more reflect the nature of the business.  Dan is a former analytical chemist who's father was the pioneering contaminated land chemist, Jim Farrell-Jones.  
F-JAS LTD is not the first success story for Dan, as he created the popular website, and later leading theme park social platform "Coaster Force"  http://www.coasterforce.com 
Dan initially worked for his father, through his three leading contaminated land testing laboratory companies, "Geochem Group LTD", Alcontrol Laboratories" and "Jones Environmental Forensics LTD".  Whilst the first two companies Dan simply worked for, it was at Jones Environmental Forensics that Dan began to develop a love of chemistry.  This was due to his father, Jim, who at this time began to work closely with Dan, teaching him many of the techniques he used to forensically examine oils and chemicals.
F-JAS was started as a side-project to Dan's main work as an analytical chemist but the business quickly grew and Dan had to leave his old career behind to focus on F-JAS.
Throughout 2015, F-JAS continued to grow, with a focus on quick turnaround and customer service.  The number of fragrance options grew to over 120 with new products introduced such as Car Shampoo, Scent-X, Car Vent Clips and Extra Strength Fragrance Oils. 
In March 2016, F-JAS moved to a larger premises in Flint, North Wales.  Having co-designed the facility layout with Dan, Carl Stratton joined F-JAS in June 2016 as Operations Director.  As an experienced process/production engineer, Carl is responsible for ensuring F-JAS employs the best processes and manufacturing methods to expand our product portfolio and capacity and that we comply with current and future regulations.
Carl also took over Customer Services from Dan, which ensures all enquiries are dealt with in detail.  This has allowed us to expand our customer services and promote our freephone helpline which means we can now spend more time talking to customers about the products they are interested in, their ideas, or sort out any problems that might occur along the way.  
In early 2017, F-JAS became a partnership with the appointment of Carl to a major shareholder holding 25% of the company.  We look to add a third director in mid 2017 to take over Customer Services and Finance.

F-JAS is growing fast, but we will not compromise on our core ideals on which we were founded.  These are:
  • All of our products are created to our own high standards, and we use them ourselves.
  • We create products that are not excessively watered down, and built to perform the way we wanted them to.
  • We don't use chemicals that we wouldn't want to be exposed to ourselves.
  • We will not reduce the strength or downsize the volume of our products as is the current trend
  • We will use the highest quality ingredients and use the best quality options in the manufacturing of our products.
  • We will remain a chemistry-focussed, family-run company and will not be influenced by sales or marketing.  This was also the way Jim ran his multi-million pound businesses, having never actively engaged in sales.  He had the idea that "The Bitter Taste of Poor Quality Lasts Longer Than the Sweetness of Low Prices".  He therefore charged more than everyone else, but delivered a better service.  Without active selling, through quality alone, the snowball effect was experienced, and growth was natural, not pursued.