eBay Authorised Seller (Drop-Shipping)

UK eBay Distributors Wanted - Ebay Seller Opportunities & Drop-Shipping

F-JAS no longer directly trades on eBay - this means the door is now open for others to get in and start selling F-JAS items on eBay.  We can offer traditional or drop-shipping models.

Drop-Shipping means that you would list our items on your eBay account, and when a customer places an order with you, you simply order that item from us, and we send it directly to your customers.  

If you would like to sell any of our items on eBay, please get in touch.

Once authorised, you will receive a personalised authorised seller badge like this one:

If you are buying on eBay, make sure the seller you are buying from is displaying this badge with one of the serial numbers listed here:

Current eBay Sellers Authorised:

Jackal's Stuff - FJ0016E0001A
Cheeky Fragrance - FJ0017E0002B

Universal Product Features

  • Highly Unique Products - Excellent Differentiation
  • Clear USP and end-user marketability
  • Minimal marketing required, products sell themselves
  • Trade Exclusive Discounts
  • Barcoded Box Quantities
  • Individual Product EAN Barcode
  • EU-Reach Material Safety Data Sheets

For Distribution Opportunities, please contact carl.stratton@f-jas.co.uk or call our Operations Director, Carl Stratton on 01352 763502.