Bath Bombs

A range of bath bombs product produced in-house at F-JAS using our own ingredients by our cosmetic technician Sian.

These products will be available to purchase shortly.

aromaFOCUS "Wakey Wakey" Bath Bomb

Invigorating Essential Oils stimulate the senses. With Peppermint, Black Pepper, Pine Needle and Sandalwood.

Natural Lavender "Sleepy Head" Bath Bomb

Natural English Lavender gently soothes and relaxes sleepy heads and tired bodies.

Classic Bubble Gum Bath Bomb

Kids and adults alike enjoy the novelty factor with this bath bomb that creates a pink bath that brings to mind the classic brand of bubble gum.

Blueberry Suprise Bath Bomb

Fresh and relaxing scent of blueberries. A suprise toy (dinosaur) is contained within this bath bomb. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Pear Drops Bath Bomb

The unmistakeable scent of the boiled sweet favourite.

Orange & Lime Bath Bomb

Fresh Juicy Oranges and Succulent Limes dance around within the waves of a heavenly fruity bath

Candy Floss Suprise Bath Bomb

Candy Floss fragrance fills the air and tickles the waves. As the bath bomb fizzies, a suprise pony toy emerges... This bath bomb contains a small toy (pony). Not suitable for children under 3 years.