Fragrance Descriptions

F-JAS currently manufactures products in a range of over 70 fragrances.  With this many, it can be difficult to chose which to go for.  This page contains information on our fragrances to help you chose.

70+ Fragrances Available (First Letter A-Z):

Apple - Fresh, green apple scent.
Apple & Blackcurrant - Fresh, green apple with blackcurrant.
Baby Powder - Replica of The scent from Johnson's Baby Products
Berry Blast - Mix of summer berries, punchy and sweet.
Bubblegum - The classic, sweet smell of bubblegum (similar to Tutti Frutti)
Blueberry - Mellow blueberry fragrance
Banana - Gentle Banana Fragrances
Banana Berry - A gentle base of banana, accented with a punchy note of summer berries
Best Lemon - Super crips, clean lemon scent.
Blackcurrant - Gentle Blackcurrant Scent
Black Suede - A scent designed to enhance suede with a realistic smell
Cherry Cola - Powerful mix of Cola and Cherry.
Coconut - Clean, Strong Coconut Scent
Cool Breeze - A very neutral scent, ideal for when you want to cover up bad smells but not replace them with a strong fragrance
Candy Floss - Inspired by Candy Floss, sweet and sickly!
Cola Bottles - Super Sweet scent of cola bottle sweets.
Coffee - A dark, intense coffee, accented with a bit of vanilla
Cinnamon - Strong cinnamon scent
Chocolate - A luxury dark chocolate scent, deep and involving
Chocolate Orange - A combination of chocolate and orange
Citrus Blast - Mix of Best Lemon, Fresh Orange and Zingy Lime
Cherry Berry - A powerful combination of Juicy Cherry and Berry Blast
English Rose - A scent designed to invoke memories of a rose garden
Exotic Spice - Dark exotic spices, strong and aromatic
Factory Fresh - Inspired by the smell of protective atmospheres and the scent on brand new factory fresh fabrics
Fresh Linen - A deep, luxurious fresh linen smell
Fresh Mint - A combination of Spearmint, accented with Wet Garden for a fresh mint aroma
Fresh Orange - A strong, fresh orange scent
Farrellheight for Men - Designer replica of similar sounding men's fragrance.
Frankincense - A luxurious seasonal scent
Happy Hemp - The relaxing and calming smell of Hemp Oil
Italian Leather - Designed to enhance the smell of a vehicles leather interior.  May smell strange out of context.
Jupe Man - Designer replica of similar sounding men's fragrance.
Lemon & Lime - Mix of lemon and lime, for a punchy effect
Lavender - Strong and intense lavender fragrance
Lady Cinq - Designer replica of Number 5 by company that sounds similar to "Shanel"
Lots of Lime - Really punchy lime scent
Mango - A pleasant, and sweet Mango scent
Marzipan - Designed to invoke memories of marzipan
Mint Chocolate - A combination of mint and chocolate
Millionaire Man - Designer replica of similar sounding men's fragrance
Neapolitan - Combination of Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate
New Car Smell - Replica of small tree-shaped air fresheners "New Car" Scent.  Not intended to smell like a real new car!  
New Car Smell TYPE B - Added to the above scent is a more pronounced varnish accent, with more new car chemicals aroma.
New Car Smell TYPE C - A more mainstream "New Car" scent similar to what most "New Car" air fresheners might smell like.  Smells clean and fresh.
New Car Leather + Vanilla
- Alternative new car smell with a heavy focus on leather notes
Oranges & Lemons - A glorious combination of Orange and Lemon
Orange & Lime - A suberb combination of Orange & Lime
Palma Violet - Popular floral scent
Properly Pear - A pleasant pear aroma
Petrolhead - Designed to be a love it or hate it scent.  Evoking memories of spilled car fluids and greasy engines
Pear Drops - The classic smell of the boiled sweet!
Pineapple - Strong, punchy pineapple smell.
Play-Doh Smell - Replica of the smell of Play-Doh.
Perfectly Peach - A strong, pleasant peach smell
Pleasantly Plum - A strong, pleasant plum smell.
Pretty Flowers - The classic floral scent, strong and intense.
Pina Colada - A smell that evokes memories of the popular cocktail.
Raspberry - A gentle and sweet raspberry scent
Razor Ice - A dark, enticing, new vehicle type scent
Rhubarb & Custard - The smell of the classic boiled sweets
Sandalwood - A deep, strong, intense wooden musk
Sandalwood & Vanilla - A luxurious combination of sandalwood and vanilla
Spearmint - A strong minty scent
Spiced Apple - Strong and spicy, with the sweetness of apple accented with dark spices
Spiced Orange - As above but with Orange
Spiced Chocolate Orange - As above, but add a bit of chocolate to the mix.
Spiced Wood - A combination of Sandalwood and Exotic Spice.
Strawberry - A sweet, but gentle strawberry scent.
Strawberry & Lime - A lovely combination of strawberry and zingy lime
Tutti Frutti - Similar to bubblegum, but with more punchy aroma (some may find it a bit chemically)
Wake Up!  - A gaurana berry scent that is extremely punch and sour smelling that will wake you up in an instant! (Not a gauraunteee)
Warm Cookies - Our strongest and most persistent scent, so much so, it may be too strong.  Smells of freshly baked cookies.
Watermelon - A gentle watermelon scent
Wet Garden - A strong realistic scent of garden greenery in the rain.
Vanilla - A gentle, sweet vanilla scent.

New Scents:

Black Forest Gateau - Mix Of Chocolate, Cherry, and Cake Smell.
Rose Garden - Combination of English Rose and Wet Garden
Mango & Lime - Sweet, Punchy Combination of Mango and Lime
Lemonade - A variation of a lemon scent with the sweetness of a fizzy drink
Passion Fruit - The popular fruit scent
Lime Cola - A twist on the Cola Scent, with lots of added Lime
Chocolate Cake - A combination of Chocolate and Cake Smells.
White Chocolate - A light chocolate scent reminiscent of White Chocolate.
Mango & Coconut - Popular on the Spanish mainland.
Sales Rep Car Smell - Created for a customer, now available to everyone.  A combination of Leather and Coffee give that wonderful aroma so often found in a long-distance travelling sales reps car.
Choc Chip Cookies - The warm and enticing scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
Mint Choc Chip Cookies - As above with mint!
Apples & Oranges - A cockney favourite
Raspberry Ripple - A lovely combination of raspberry and vanilla.
Peachy-Plums - A very popular scent we've found with our teenage customers.  Not sure why, its the scent of Peaches and Plums all in one.
Line-Dried Linen -  Similar to Fresh Linen, but the linen smell is infused with delicate notes of the outdoors.
Lavender & Spice - The old favourite.
Coconut & Lime - An Aussie Favourite
Classic Car Smell - Designed to evoke memories of expensive woods, varnish and the smell of vintage car interiors.
JP Gee Man - A replica of the phonetically similar men's fragrance.

If you would like to see us offer a particular fragrance that we don't currently have, please let us know!

Fragrance Strength Infographic
Note: Blueberry is now one of the strongest fragrances.