Material Safety Data Sheets

Download Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all F-JAS products.

Where a product is offered in a range of fragrances, please refer to the MSDS for both the parent product and the fragrance.

F-JAS Manufactured Products
These products are manufactured by Farrell-Jones Automotive Solutions LTD

Super Scented Screen Wash 514ml
Super Scented Screen Wash 5L Ready to Use
Super Scented Screen Wash 5L Concentrated
Super Scented Screen Wash 50ml
Super Scented Screen Wash 100ml (Double Fragrance)

Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator 300ml Atomiser
Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator 5L Ready to Use
Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator 500ml Concentrated
Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator 5L Concentrated
Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator 4ml Tester Atomiser

Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator Fogging Liquid 500ml Concentrated

Fragrance Oil (10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml)

Iso-Alcohol Cleaner

Rain Repellent (500ml, 5L)

Super Scented Window Cleaner (500ml, 5L)

Super Scented Car Shampoo & Wax (30ml, 300ml)


Intercooler Spray Solution

Super Scented Floor Cleaner (500ml & 5L)
Super Scented Ironing Water (500ml & 5L)
Super Scented Steam Mop Water (500ml & 5L)
Super Scented Laundry Sanitiser (500ml & 5L)
Super Scented Surface Cleaner (500ml & 5L)

These fragrances are NOT manufactured by Farrell-Jones Automotive Solutions LTD and are supplied by the following manufacturers:

If no MSDS link is present, the manufacturer has not yet made available to us an MSDS.

AFF Europe LTD - Manufactured in the UK, Supplied by R&D Laboratories LTD

Bubblegum (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Juicy Cherry (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Berry Blast (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Dark Ice (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Lavender (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Coconut (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Chocolate (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Coffee (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Spearmint (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Millionaire Man (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Apple (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Baby Powder (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Tutti Frutti (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Pretty Flowers (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Pear Drops (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Vanilla (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Fresh Orange (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Cinnamon (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)
Perfectly Peach (MSDS / IFRA Certificate)

Soap Kitchen - Manufactured in the UK

Wet Garden (MSDS)
Lady Cinq (MSDS)
Jupe Man (MSDS)
Blueberry (MSDS)
Fresh Linen (MSDS)
Watermelon (MSDS)
Fresh Mint (MSDS)
Candy Floss (MSDS)
Cola Bottles (MSDS)
Banana (MSDS)
Wake Up! (MSDS)
Happy Hemp (MSDS)
Pineapple (MSDS)
Pleasantly Plum (MSDS)
Sandalwood (MSDS)
Raspberry (MSDS)
Lots of Lime (MSDS)
Best Lemon (MSDS)
Pina Colada
English Rose (MSDS)
Exotic Spice (MSDS)
Farrellheight (MSDS)
Strawberry (MSDS)
Marzipan (MSDS)
Mango (MSDS)
Blackcurrant (MSDS)
Properly Pear (MSDS)
Palma Violet (MSDS)

Bonnymans - Manufactured in the UK

Leather (Not used as a standalone F-JAS fragrance)

Save On Scents Inc - Manufactured in the USA

Black Suede
Play Doh Smell
Warm Cookies

Bramble Berry Inc - Manufactured in the USA

Factory Fresh (MSDS)

F-JAS Blended Fragrances
These fragrances are an in-house blend of two or more of the above fragrances

New Car Smell (Fresh Linen+Vanilla+Hemp+LadyCinq+Sandalwood+Apple)
New Car Leather & Vanilla (New Car + Leather + Vanilla + Factory Fresh)
Italian Leather (Factory Fresh + Leather + Vanilla)
Cherry Cola (Juicy Cherry + Cola Bottles)
Sweet Shop (Bubblegum + Strawberry + Pear Drops + Best Lemon + Cola Bottles + Warm Cookies)
Spiced Apple (Apple + Exotic Spice)
Spiced Orange (Fresh Orange + Exotic Spice)
Citrus Blast (Best Lemon + Lots of Lime + Fresh Orange)
Chocolate Orange (Fresh Orange + Chocolate)
Neapolitan (Vanilla + Strawberry + Chocolate)
Lemon & Lime (Best Lemon + Lots of Lime)
Orange & Lime (Fresh Orange + Lots of Lime)
Strawberry & Lime (Strawberry + Lime)
Apple & Blackcurrant (Apple + Blackcurrant)
Banana Berry (Banana + Berry Blast)
Cherry Berry (Juicy Cherry + Berry Blast)
Spiced Chocolate Orange (Exotic Spice + Chocolate + Fresh Orange)
Vanilla & Strawberry (Vanilla + Strawberry)