OH-DEAR! Super Scented Surface Cleaner

High Power Surface Cleaner designed to disinfect and clean surfaces such as worktops and tables, leaving them with a long-lasting shine and gently fragranced. Reverse Osmosis Produced 6-Stage Filtered De-ionised Water Fragrance Leaves Surfaces Gently Scented Cocamidopropyl Betaine Creates a Strong Cleaning Liquid That is Gentle To Surfaces Contains Dimethicone (Enhanced Shine Formula, Not to be used on floors as surface will be slippy) Disinfectant kills 99.9% of known germs. Contains 0.07g Benzalkonium Chloride per 100ml Large 5L Size - Includes Free 500ml Spray Bottle Also Available Without Fragrance - Choose "Fragrance Free" option in Fragrances List. Note: We offer this product in all of our fragrances, but it should be considered whether the fragrance is suitable, and that you are happy to have your surfaces smell of that fragrance. For example, coffee may not be the best fragrance for surface cleaner, but we offer it just encase someone really wants that. This product is not for use on vehicle interior and may mark dashboard plastics