Customer-Branded Products

We can provide our products with customer-branded packaging.  This can be as simple as having your brand name in place of the F-JAS logo, a service we will soon offer on the website, to more detailed custom artwork and design.

F-JAS products are well regarded by customers and end-users, and enjoy high levels of customer satisfaction with hundreds of 5-star reviews.  

Advantages of Customer-Branded F-JAS Products:

  • Take advantage of our proven formulas with excellent customer ratings
  • Introduce products to your customer base quickly
  • Branded products are proven to increase levels of trust and influence consumer behaviour in a positive manner.
  • Eliminate need for expensive and time-consuming research and development, spending the time saved focussing on your business and customers.

All of our products will be supplied with:

  • Your company logo, artwork, product name in place of standard F-JAS branding.
  • Full EU-Reach MSDS with your company listed as the supplier
  • EAN barcode, unique to your product
  • Advice and product support

Due to legal requirements, all customer-branded products will include our company name and address as the manufacturer.  This will be small and discrete.

Minimum Order: (1 Box Quantity)

Each new product or variation of a product incurs an initial development charge which covers the cost of the barcode, product design and safety data.

For further details or if you are interested in this service, please contact Carl Stratton on 01352 763502