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Such a nice fragrance

Nice and strong compared creed fragrances from other companies! Thanks to Carl for the help!

I never got the fragrance oil I ordered

If I could leave a 0 star review I would. I never received the fragrance oil I ordered and I’ve had no response from the company

Engine Oil, Blue Car Freshener

Diesel fuel

Just love the smell..... I wish I could bathe in it!!!!

Great !!!

Unperfumed screen wash - Amazing, finally a screen wash that I can live with.
Being allergic to perfumes isn't always fun, so now at last one less source of discomfort. Had to leave the bottle outside to weather for a few days to get rid of the external scent, but a small price to pay for lasting relief. Thanks for making this product. Thumbs up to F-JAS.

Diesel fuel

Like this product. Smells great! Let me know if you come up with the old fashioned diesel fuel smell and I will order that too. Thanks.


Great service and nice product, thank you.

Fantastic unique scent

Did not quite know what to expect but really does smell like leather jacket. Exactly what I needed for a candle scent blend! Well packed and arrived promptly too.

Love it

Absolutely love this scent. Glad I got the big bottle

Toffee candy

Great scent reminds me of fairgrounds and halloween another scrummy scent
Well done guys

Jaffa cake oil

I bought this as a gift for someone who likes the unusual
Wow it really does smell of Jaffa cake and it caused her to salivate
She uses it in her Kitchen and the reaction is people think shes baked her own
Its beautifully chocolate orange
Another exceptionsl Fragrance

Delightful natural coconut scent

There's some vanilla is this. Overall this scent just smells happy and delicious

Strong, effective stuff

I first topped up my windscreen cleaner with this during an icy spell, so diluted it to the stronger end of the recommended dilutions, and man, you don't even need to do that!
I could smell the (refreshing aroma of the) concentrated wash through my closed car windows - so this stuff will last you a decent time, as you can dilute it a bit further than you might at first think.

Leather n vanilla

Nice N Rock n Roll
Think Punk club sweaty Rock n Roll bar
The scent of sweary leather and deoderant
Great smell

Isey Myake

One of my favourite scents of all time
It a really good replica perfect for an oil burner in the bathtoom

Gasoline fragrance oil

The true crisp clean sweet sharp scent of American gasoline
Unlike petrol this has such a crisp vibrant scent it can be used i oil burners in any room..Although unmistakable its scent is light and clean
Love it

F-JAS Fresh Linen

I find these small pocket air fresheners very useful when travelling. They are small enough to slip into your pocket and produce a long lasting pleasant fragrance. Being able to refill the spray is useful as the atomisers only hold 5ml of liquid

Smells amazing

Smells exactly like the original absolutely love it.
Everything I buy is always amazing & lasts for ages !

Cinema Scented oil

Rich Scent of Popcorn with the fragrance of the carpeted area of auditorium and the cinema screen
Really does smell like walking into the theatre I love it Great scent to burn if you having a movie night with friends and Snacks

Really pleased with this product

Happy to find that this screen wash works really well and is eco-friendly & bio-degradable.

Carpet store

Its so clean and crisp and it gives off that scent when a carpet has been freshly laid
A store consists of off gassing from thousands of carpets and different fibres
This gives off that beautiful scent when a carpet has been freshly laid
I love it in Burners and Using it with baking powder to make a beautiful scented deep clean powder for carpet

Hardware Store scent oil

Great scent Took me back to childhood and the old Handyman shops
They had that distinct smell of wood ,Dust metal ,rubber gasoline glue Paint thinner
All mixed together and hanging in the air
This scent does just that it gives off that old dusty wooden store smell
A good piece of nostalgia Makes My Storage closet with tools etc in smell like a hardware shop
Love it

New carpet

I love this scent its just so crisp pure and clean
Used carefully and sparingly its strong and lasts a long time
A few drops added to Bicarb of soda left to dry then sprinkled on a rug gives a new carpet smell plus too it gives off a grest scent from the vacum when used
I Love your secents

Fresh Linen

Very nice, strong smell of fresh linen that lingers well.

Cinema Scent oil

One of the truest scents ive ever smelt
It really does take you into a cinema with the scent of popcorn and the carpet scent from the sceen
Just the right amount of carpet fragrance
I use it in burner and it does smell wonderful like a trip to a fresh cleaned cinema
Love it