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Love everything this company do


Smells great, and cleans the windscreen brilliantly. The water repellency is a bonus you’ll not go back from. The smaller bottles with higher concentration are fantastic to stop the garage getting clogged up with big containers! Recommended.

I have only The best words for this Seller
Will purxhase from them in the future

Great service

The products arrived on time and as described. Excellent service. Thank you.


The smell was awful. Didn't even smell like race fuel. Bought this to make a candle for a friends birthday and they were disappointed. Won't be buying again.


Best whiskey scent on the market!

One word amazing

Love this site best one I have found

Childhood memory smell

We got the oil to make are own wax cent diffuser but you need to use a lot of the oil to smell it


Love this fragrance I use it all the time 10 stars

it's ok

just wish it was a stronger smell

Amazing Christmas fragrance

Really strong - amazing for Christmas products

Real fire smell

After placing the essence on to my coal effect fire it was smelling like a real fire burning. There's nothing like at Christmas smelling of a fire burning. Makes it feel so festive.

Did not receive it

Rubbish company- doesn’t answer email, no calls and never received product.
Do not order ever from this company
Call back on 02073886108 and refund us the money.

Great scent

Didn't mix well with my wax though unfortunately.

Perfect smell

Everything is great. Thank You.


Smells legit but again it doesn't last very long

This Gets Worse.

How on earth can anyone think that this scent smells like a carpet store. This smells somewhat like Zoflora.

Tyre Store - Not

I had really high hopes for this scent, which turned out to be terrible. Smells a lot like a public toilet which has just been cleaned, with some type of industrial solution. It's a thumbs down for me.


This fragrance is one of my favourites!

Creed oil

Smells gorgeous coming out of my diffuser x house smell amazing,

Good price

Priced really well
Potency is not strong
Scents do not last long

It wasn’t that strong, smelt more like perfume, I was looking forward to this fragrance and I was very disappointed with it


I love it