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The customer support team is very swift in responding. They try to achieve the best possible outcome. Unfortunately the watermelon spray smelt nothing like watermelon and smell very bad and was very toxic. But the overall service and experience with the company was good.


Absolutely love this product. Ordered via website received order within 2 days. Professional and quick service 5/5

Very potent product

This is a great little product - you wouldn't think that you could get such aromas/flavours from such a small amount but it was very effective! Would definitely buy again, made an excellent bath :)

Gorgeous scent

This gorgeous scent is so strong it definitely reminds me of Christmas will definitely be ordering again and would recommend

my order

arrived in perfect condition,on time,will deal again

Increíble quality

The best I ever smell

Laundry Fresh.

Brilliant product, leaves linen freshly scented. I also use it in a spray bottle for spraying items before ironing.

Great little air freshener, lovely smell.

I love these pocket air fresheners, very discreet, lovely perfumes, excellent choice range. As a nurse I always keep one in my pocket and also in my handbag and take on holiday.

The best bath salts

I regularly buy these salts - they are some of the nicest smelling ones that I have been able to find online after I bought some similar ones at a Christmas Market stall and spent ages to try and find similar smelling ones online. They are very potent and so you don't need a lot to get a really nice, relaxing bath soak. Highly recommend :)

Water Soluble Fragrance Oil

I use it in a 1 BY ONE Cool Mist Humidifier, and its lovely.

Great product and service

amazing as always! only supplier to use for the best

Excellent service, delivery very quick..Will deal again

Apple Spice

Loved the M&S Winter Apple Spice candles and diffuser oil and when they stopped selling it this Christmas I went to this instead. Identical and perfect. Good scent anytime of year but especially at Christmas.

Great value for amazing products.

Dear FJAS,

Thanks again for supplying me with these products they're perfect. I use these Air Fresheners and odour eliminator almost everywhere including my laundry they work perfectly as fabric conditioners and give off and very pleasant fragrance. Just to clarify on my behalf I'll most definitely be ordering again from you guys. Thumbs up from me (well five thumbs that is).

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Antonio Mateus.

Great product and service

amazing products as always

Smell amazing

Got as a present for my friends son who loves bath bombs. Hard to find ones that aren't girly so glad I found these and even better with toys inside them which he will love! They're stored away until his birthday and everytime I walk past where they are I can smell them! Will be buying some for my daughter for Christmas :) quick delivery too!

Channel 5 inspired

Smells great!

Fantastically fresh

I absolutely love this smell getting the concentrated gives that extra punch I’m using it for keeping my car fresh and a pleasure to be in plus first class service and fast delivery highly recommended and I’m definitely using and buying again

Snow faerie

Smells fabulous just like the one from Lush

Great product and service

amazing as always

Great product and service

Great product as always


Smells just like snowfairy lush type! The smell is spot on and I have very happy customers with this scent can’t get enough of the scent


Smells just like blue comfort I will be using this again in the future! Great for spray around your home,car etc i love spraying it on my curtains and my bedding