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Good web site. Plenty to choose from. Easy to order and quick delivery. Will use them again.

Very happy

Fast delivery & good prices.


Great smell. Very happy with this plus all the other fragrances I bought

Everything but...

Hi... My order was dispatched and delivered with extreme efficiency and I was informed at every step of what was happening... This product mixes with wax perfectly and sets just as fantastic, nor did it dilute the colour any... As it pains me to type this, the fragrance did not smell of cannabis... I followed the instructions to the letter... Sorry... Don't worry though, if you have many different cannabis fragrances then rest assured I will be trying them all at some point and if I find what I'm looking for I will be a very good and loyal customer...

Just love it

So pleased to have found this supplier. Coal tar perfume is sooo clean/fresh a perfume, my bathroom smells divine. I can now remove the unwrapped soaps that are placed everywhere in my bathroom as the perfume is perfect.

I can’t review something I didn’t receive

Very good scent match!

Smells exactly like cut grass! Lots of things that say they smell of grass are actually more green apple or floral or herby but this is so much like the real deal my mum genuinely thought someone was cutting the grass. Good scent throw and seems to neutralise bad odours, not sure on the claim a single spray can fragrance a whole room and the smell lasting for hours or even days, but it does the job!

Would be five if not broken bottle

I bought two air fresheners, one is fine but this one is broken. Instead of spraying, the little nozzle bit comes out and the liquid leaks out all over :(
As for the fragrance itself, it’s weird! Wet it smells sort of like stagnant water and I did think “oh no what have I got myself into” but as it dries down, it does smell not entirely unlike the ozoney scent of rain on hot dust.
Just a shame i can’t use it and half of it has leaked out!

Lovely clean smell

I use this lots as a bathroom spray for odours and just refreshing a room. Excellent product.


Great fragrances smell exactly like their label says. Very economical and good that you can adjust the dilution to what you want. Top class service once again, will keep coming back.

Fab Handy & Discreet

Great little air freshners great for handbag, pocket for when you need it

Gooshi Oud

The F.O worked well in my soy wax melts 👍

Lovely smell

Brought it for a gift for my friend, he really liked it. Will be making another order soon.

Not good

The oil was discoloured, it wrecked the wax and was really hard to use! I had to dye the wax a dark colour to cover it..
Used it in wax melts however they now spit so I wouldn’t buy again.

The best stuff on the market

It certainly worked for me. Used a couple of times in the recent cold snap, one or two applications wherever needed and ice melted very quickly reducing the need for heavy or prolonged scraping, ice did not reform either as some others do.
Will certainly be using this in the future.

Cannabis smell

Good! Smells like you've finished a spliff and sprayed the room with air freshener

Inspired fragrance oils

The oils are fine , arrived well packaged ... delivery a little longer than I anticipated but on the whole a good company .

Not what I expected

Whilst the scent itself is beautiful and has nailed the essence of the well known aftershave....
The oil is extremely dark red, this meaning that everything I have used it in had formed a broken colour and appears to have a red sediment that seems to separate in the making and sit on the bottom of the mould, I make all neutrally shaded products and was expecting far more for the price I paid.
Even further to this in wax melts it spits, which I have never experienced before.

I would not order again.

Great smell

strong, long lasting fragrance

air freshener smells as you'd expect from the variant you choose (got bubble gum but tried others), a small amount of spray would do, option to refill (which i haven't tried as yet but aim to do)


The smell is amazing just like the bublegum fizzy bottle sweet, perfect for what it was needed for will definitely buy more

Cannabis fragrance

Really pleased with this, I can't say it smelled an awful lot like weed but it was a really good fragarnce & the scent throw is fab!


smell very good