Scent-X is a USB-powered mini fragrance diffuser that provides a gentle fragrance when 1-2 drops of fragrance or essential oil is added into the X.

Important Information:

Scent-X By F-JAS is a fun and simple way to enjoy your favourite F-JAS fragrances anywhere you have a powered USB port. The USB device features a little "X" into which you can put a couple of drops of F-JAS Fragrance Oil. The device then warms up via the USB power, and creates a mini fragrance diffuser that is compact, safe, and most importantly, re-usable. You can change fragrances so one Scent-X can be used with our entire range of fragrances over and over again. Each Scent-X comes with a bottle of 10ml Fragrance Oil of your choice, and the USB device is available in Sky Blue, Deep Blue, Pink, Purple and Green. Ensure when loading Fragrance Oil into the "X" that you do not spill any on any surface, or on the Scent-X branded fascia. Fragrance Oil is quite aggressive and can damage surfaces and will remove the Scent-X logo from the facia if it is spilled upon it.