Car & Home Air Freshener La Belle est Vie Scented Spray

Car Freshener UK

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Key Features

  • Strong, Realistic, distinctive and recognisable fragrances.
  • With deodorising agents to supress bad smells.
  • Water based, solvent free and non-toxic.
  • Pleasant, natural smelling fragrances with no unpleasant chemical odour.
  • Made with food grade and cosmetic grade ingredients


A strong and powerful air freshener that can help remove existing bad smells and prevent them from returning. They’re made with pure, odourless ingredients for a more natural smell and our high-quality fragrances. Each fragrance is carefully curated and blended for the most accurate and realistic smell. All ingredients are food or cosmetic grade and uses a solvent-free water base for low toxicity. Leave any area pleasantly scented whether it’s in your car, truck, van, home or office. Can be sprayed onto carpets, seats or furniture. These versatile air fresheners have been used in art installations and theatre performances. Contains Bitrex®, a safe, odourless denaturant that prevents someone from drinking the liquid by having a strong bitter taste.

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